Case Studies


Counterfeit Activity – Real Impact

A global brand with retail product turned to C3i after ‘exhausting’ their own avenues and spending a great deal of money to achieve very little tangible results. The brand had identified they had a very significant issue in Europe as their sales had dropped by 25% in volume, 35% in value while market data showed extensive exposure and offerings of their retail products.


Market Management – Supporting Selective Distribution

In 2014 this CE ‘premium’ brand implemented a Selective Distribution policy to regain control of their market and forge stronger relations with their selected dealers. In the 18 months leading up to the implementation date C3i provided visibility of the extensive online market across EMEA and provided enforcement to combat this significant issue which was identified as responsible for price erosion and saturated stocks in certain markets.


Theft – a ‘very’ commercial response

Theft on a large scale is a constant threat to brands despite more and more robust processes and agreements with carriers and suppliers. Insurance is in place but can be expensive and a testing process to go through, but what about the impact on the market, the impact upon the brand, the impact upon margin and market share? In July 2019 C3i received a call from one of our established clients regarding a theft of a container that had occurred just a few hours earlier.


The loss of control……

A major Energy company operating on a global scale were struggling to gain visibility and to implement appropriate actions to address a variety of business threats within the Central and Eastern European markets.


Technical Surveillance – Command & Control

A Client that was suffering major frauds using both stolen and cloned credit cards was subject to a large amount of high value property being ordered via online services and delivered to various addresses across the UK. Investigations showed that many of these items were at some stage re-directed to addresses in the Croydon area of South London. Mainly directed to local Post Offices to be collected by person(s) unknown.

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