Our Partners


aFFIRMfirst is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that enables you to take a new level of control of your online digital images, as well as dramatically simplifying the process of distributing them around the internet. The software will deter and combat fraudsters and ensure brand integrity. 

aFFIRMfirst has been optimised to integrate efficiently with WordPress but also works well with a wide range of other web development platforms. Also ideal for internet bloggers and Internet marketers sharing images with affiliates. 


Delta 7 Group

'Asset Repatriation'

Utilising our significant expertise and experience in finding individuals and conducting investigations we are able to focus upon connecting unclaimed ‘assets’ with the rightful owner. Glamourised by some as 'Heir Hunting’ we at C3i take this very seriously and want to give back by ensuring those whom are owed the ‘asset’ get to receive the asset from the major financial institutions.

We are proud to partner with Delta 7 Group whom are an established and licensed US investigator company whom are working in partnership with specific state controllers offices. (on the Delta 7 Group website they refer to this activity as 'asset recovery’)

C3i focus upon the UK, Ireland and Europe to identify and engage with individuals and manage the process to ensure the ‘assets’ are successfully transferred to the ownership of the individual. It is expected that the process should complete within 4-6 months.

C3i are able to offer the following as part of the process:
Steering through required documents for successful ‘asset’ claims
Notary services
Certificate guidance and application support where appropriate
Liaison with the US authorities