Surveillance – Commercial, Disciplinary Matters, Prosecution

C3i are proudly positioned to offer professional, standard defining, and experienced based capability in overt and covert surveillance. 

Surveillance – Commercial, Disciplinary Matters, Prosecution

Our ability to execute and deliver surveillance operations is unparalleled; utilising experienced personnel, state of the art equipment and a control and command capability. 

Specialising in covert operations to deliver results for the commercial market, while ensuring standards and protocols are adhered to appropriately for use in civil and criminal courts.


The extensive range of state of the art equipment used for professional surveillance operations is available for rental, on period terms to suit your needs. Equipment for rental includes:

Full range of all equipment including command and control vehicle, radios for 4 operatives, camera, video recorders, microphones and trackers, integrated wi-fi

Command & Control vehicle with rechargeable power solution (option of reconnaissance vehicle)

Radio’s for 4 operatives

Static digital cameras for recording and/or live feed to mobile phones

Trackers for active use throughout the UK and/or international asset movement


Our technical surveillance specialist, with extensive international experience, is available to deliver specialist, bespoke and tailored training across the range of equipment and in the protocols, processes, standards and best practice for effective surveillance teams and operations.

“……I don’t know how they keep doing it? Where we draw a blank, Team C3i get police engaged, a crime reference and on occasions regional operations rooms mobilise officers to take real action, cause real disruption, get real results!” (UK HQ, Global Brand)

Our Services

The scope of C3i Europe’s activities, along with the use of highly trained and experienced operatives and enhanced by a technical and administrative support group, provides for an extremely resourceful and immediate investigative response to problem areas at all levels.

Our innovative approach is designed to the client’s requirements to support and enhance their own brand protection strategy and process and will ensure a reduction in the availability of counterfeit product and number of individuals or companies infringing the clients intellectual property and deliver a tangible return on investment.