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C3i Europe is an international company providing intelligence-led end-to-end protection against global grey market activity in the retail and commercial sectors. We currently provide a tailored capability and response service to a range of blue chip international companies. See our services below:

Investigations and Human Intelligence

We proudly believe this is what stands us apart from any other Brand Protection service!

Effective online brand protection

C3i Europe provides a global and/or regional specific internet monitoring and targeting capability of eBay . . .

Surveillance – Commercial, Disciplinary Matters, Prosecution

Team C3i are proudly positioned to offer professional, standard defining, and experienced based . . . .

Trademark & IP - image, logo and website Protection

C3i Europe provides our clients with a capability that covers all aspects of ‘image, logo, membership badge and website protection’ using a solution . . .

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Seizure and Interdiction

The provision of a tailored end-to-end seizure/interdiction programme implemented at all the major UK and Irish points of entry that includes . . .

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Government Agency and Law Enforcement Liaison

The personnel within Team C3i Europe have significant experience in all aspects of investigations and have developed a substantial formal and informal  . . . 

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Who we are

C3i Europe Ltd was founded in 2003 and for the last 10 years has been actively supporting companies globally in their fight against the activities of companies and individuals who have been active in the global ‘Grey’ market and other areas of commercial and retail criminality. This has involved providing specified services of a time imperative nature utilising an unparalleled level of expertise and capability together with a wide-ranging portfolio of bespoke and ancillary services.

“……I don’t know how they keep doing it? Where we draw a blank, Team C3i get police engaged, a crime reference and on occasions regional operations rooms mobilise officers to take real action, cause real disruption, get real results!” (UK HQ, Global Brand)

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C3i Europe have the capability to operate and respond to client requirements across the World and operate on a 24/7, 365 days a year time-frame providing an more efficient and effective service.