Working with you to protect the integrity of your brand

C3i Europe is an international company providing intelligence-led end-to-end protection against global grey market activity in the retail and commercial sectors. We currently provide a tailored capability and response service to a range of blue chip international companies. C3i Europe is engaged in all aspects of conventional and technical overt and covert investigations in support of its international client base.

What we do

The scope of C3i Europe’s activities, along with the use of highly trained and experienced operatives and enhanced by a technical and administrative support group, provides for an extremely resourceful and immediate investigative response to problem areas at all levels. Our innovative approach is designed to the client’s requirements to support and enhance their own brand protection strategy and process and will ensure a reduction in the availability of counterfeit product and number of individuals or companies infringing the clients intellectual property and deliver a tangible return on investment.

Global Internet Monitoring

C3i Europe provides a global and/or regional specific internet monitoring and targeting capability of eBay, Amazon Market Place, and other non-specific on-line auction sites, to provide clients with specific intelligence data and reports on any products and sellers associated with their brand. We also provide a covert Test Purchase programme, to legal evidential standards, against unauthorised sellers or suspected sellers of non-genuine products.

In addition C3i Europe undertakes a detailed and thorough investigation process of unauthorised sellers including the analysis of their product selling history and sales.

We enforce on-line auction site and ISP ‘Take Down’ process on behalf of our clients, whilst protecting the brand holder’s reputation. We also implement a legally compliant ‘Cease and Desist’ process on behalf of our clients.

Seizure and Interdiction Program

The provision of a tailored end-to-end seizure/interdiction programme implemented at all the major UK and Irish points of entry that includes:

  • Liaison and close working with UK Border Agency (UKBA) & HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in the UK and Revenue/Customs in Ireland and the EU
  • On-site product inspection and authentication
  • Seizure and destruction of infringing branded products
  • Importer notification process
  • The provision of the appropriate brand product awareness training to the relevant law enforcement/ government agencies
  • Collation of actionable infringement intelligence to be shared with the client and relevant agencies.

Investigations and Human Intelligence

C3i have been involved in numerous high-profile and complex investigations on behalf of their clients and have the ability to undertake overt and covert investigations across all their operating areas. All investigations are carried out by experienced investigators, all of whom originate from either a law enforcement or intelligence background and who ensure all enquiries are conducted to the highest evidential standards and legally compliant in whichever country or jurisdictional region they are engaged in.

The investigation principles and protocols C3i Europe adhere to as standard, including the use of covert sources, have been a proven success and ensure that, in every case, the requirements and reputation of the client is the priority.

C3i Europe will, in conjunction, with our civil litigation partners, undertake a process to recover the value of the intellectual property obtained by the unlawful conduct of the individuals or companies involved in the production, distribution and sale of the clients branded products.

Global Internet Monitoring

Seizure and Interdiction Program

Investigations and Human Intelligence

Copyright and Trademark Protection

C3i Europe provides our clients with a capability that covers all aspects of ‘Copyright and Trademark Protection’ using proprietary software designed to protect product images, text or logos and prevent cloning or phishing attacks and includes:

  • Logo & Product Image Protection
  • Image & Content Tracking
  • Retailer & Seller Validation Tool
  • Trustable Product Serialisation

C3i Europe, in partnership with their specialised IP and Trademark lawyers, also have the ability to provide the harmonisation and management of a brand’s Intellectual Property including; trademarks, designs and patents as well as the registration and maintenance of the brand’s IP portfolio.

Product Mapping

C3i Europe provides an enhanced ‘live’ visualisation and analytic product mapping process, enabling selling and product specific trend tracking and pattern analysis, to assist in the identification of product parameters and potential new sales markets which can illustrate:

  • Identification of who is selling the clients product
  • Show who’s selling the product
  • Global market visibility by regions or currency in multiple languages
  • Browser based with remote access to PC, Tablet or smartphone
  • ‘Realtime’ visualisation – scans the internet as you watch
  • Grey market indicator
  • Visibility to monitor ALL branded products

Government Agency and Law Enforcement Liason

The personnel within C3i Europe have significant experience in all aspects of investigations and have developed a substantial formal and informal network of contacts in various national and international bodies e.g. Interpol, EUROPOL and CEPOL. C3i Europe also maintains close liaison with relevant Government, Border Control and Law Enforcement agencies across EMEA, APAC and the Americas.

Copyright and Trademark Protection

Product Mapping

Government Agency and Law Enforcement Liason

Who we are

C3i Europe Ltd was founded in 2003 and for the last 10 years has been actively supporting companies globally in their fight against the activities of companies and individuals who have been active in the global ‘Grey’ market and other areas of commercial and retail criminality. This has involved providing specified services of a time imperative nature utilising an unparalleled level of expertise and capability together with a wide-ranging portfolio of bespoke and ancillary services.

The experience and skills set of C3i Europe’s personnel and affinity partners transcend international boundaries to ensure legal and jurisdictional compliancy. They are drawn from a wide range of law enforcement and intelligence communities with the experience and ability to investigate and prepare cases of a civil and criminal nature.

C3i’s bespoke services, propriety products and use of technology, ensure that they remain at the cutting edge of the global fight against corporate and commercial criminal activities. Through our affinity partners and satellite offices, C3i Europe have the capability to operate and respond to client requirements across the World and operate on a 24/7, 365 days a year time-frame providing an more efficient and effective service.

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